Alive and Kicking!

Many apologies to the Ollie fans out there that haven't seen a updated blog entry in quite some time. Life in our household has been more than busy and therefore Ollie's parent(mom) has neglected the postings.
So to catch you up so far... As of today, Ollie is now official not an orphan in our household. As of September, Mom and Dad are official and Ollie will be assured of his "first born" status in the house hold. Though Oliver could not be there because of the venue's rules of having dogs on premise, I made sure he was there in spirit and on some images.So now that Ollie can hold his head high and proclaim that his parents are happily married and his is the first and only child in our home. Of course that statement demands all the attention in the world since Doc and I wake to this face most mornings. Weekends especially. During the early weekday mornings, I'll be getting ready in our bedroom with the light on and this is the typical scene at 6:00AM. Ollie is NOT a morning dog. He will sleep till he's kicked out into the living room when I leave in the morning. Oliver prefers to wake at his leisure, or when ever he's hungry. Feeding time is usually at 7am.