Play Time

Ollie is a butt-in-ski. As baby Zach is growing and developing, Ollie has made it his duty to be a part of it. When I have a free moment during the day, I'll usually bring out Zach's play mat to lay on and get some tummy time. Ollie likes to come over and sit right on top of the play mat. He sniffs around at all the dangle toys and gets right in my face to be sure and include him in the activity. Since Zach's toys have lots of bells and whistles(literally), this of course has Ollie ready for play time. Doc and I have been really careful about not confusing Ollie's toys with Zach's toys. We'll have to keep a sharp eye out just in case Ollie gets confused.


Big Brother

Oliver is now a big brother to little Zachary.
Zachary arrived on Feb 6th but didn't come home till a couple of days later. Meanwhile Ollie stayed with Grandma while Doc and I recovered from delivering little Zachary and made our way home from the hospital.
At first the meeting was a little tense since I was still recovering from the delivery and really wanted some rest. Oliver was quite inquisitive and sniffed out Zachary for a while. Checking out his car seat to all the other baby smells that came along.
Since Zachary's arrival, I've been so busy with him that unfortunately Ollie has been a bit neglected. Luckily, Doc has been fantastic at spending time with him.
So far, Oliver has been behaving well around little Zach and I'm going to try and spend more time with him. Hopefully once I'm completely healed from the delivery, I can take Oliver out for his favorite activity. A nice game of Fetch!