Bath Time

Here is Oliver AFTER his bath and blow dry.
Last weekend I took Oliver to a fantastic place called "Country Pet Wash" in Mtn View. This is Ollie's second bath with me, so I think he was getting used to things. Though he isn't a huge fan of getting a bath, He's still a trooper.

One thing I've noticed about Oliver, is that he's a patient dog. He'll sit there and wait for me to wash his entire body. Then blow dry him from head to paw. Then he lets me trim up any loose ends like gnats and "danglers" from his back side. At the end, I spray him with some doggie cologne and he smells delicious! I know it's a bit much to pamper your pooch this way, but I actually enjoy this bonding time with him. Sure I can drop him off at the local groomers and pay $50 bucks for a wash and blow. But to lather him up with bubbles, brush out his boy parts and trim his nails is priceless!

This is the water bowl they have for all their doggie customers. I think we need one at home.


betty said...

ummm..yeah..that triggers my gag reflex when i think of anyone drinking out of that "water bowl" AHHAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

At the Exploratorium in SF, you can drink out of a toilet. It's a drinking fountain. =D

Emily Heizer said...

That is the most AWESOME water bowl I have ever seen. Surely my mother needs one of those!

Mika said...

If you ever need a brush for Ollie, I recommend the Furminator. This works wonders for Mika when he's blowing his winter coat. It's a little pricey, but it works! If you know anyone who can get on to a military base, ask them to purchase one for you, it's cheaper on base. Petsmart is cheaper than Petco by about $5 (for the small size). I'm not sure the price difference for the other sizes. Here is a link that also has video demonstrations: http://www.furminator.com/

Highly recommended!

Mika said...

I think it's time for a Ollie update!