Only Child

It has certainly been proven to us that Ollie prefers to be the only child. Since we've adopted him from Homeward Bound, we didn't know too much about his history. Whether or not he was raised in a home with many other animals or that he had be the only dog. None of this was clear to us. It wasn't till recently that Doc and I discover that he really PREFERS to be the only child. Especially with his new roomie around.
Much jealousy has ensued in the Ollie household. I'm not too keen on dog behavior but the best way i can describe it is to equate this animal behavior to humans. For example, the past few nights, when Doc and I head off to bed, we have a ritual of dragging Cosmo's bed to the hall way near our bedroom. Two dog beds in our bedroom is too many beds. There is barely room to walk around, so we just put the bed in the hallway. Ollie's bed is already placed in the corner but of course Cosmo will most likely be in it. Ollie refuses to sleep in Cosmo's bed for some reason. He would rather cope with the hardwood floors than to sleep in Cosmo's bed. Recently Ollie's been pacing back and forth in the middle of the night because Cosmo is in HIS bed. A couple of nights he would wander out to the living room to sleep in his other bed and be "away" from us.
The biggest indicator to us of course is the several mounting session that happens in our home. Back and forth the two dogs would try to mount each other. The best was last night. Ollie went over to Cosmo, who was laying down. Sat his butt right on top of Cosmo's head and started humping his head. Doc and I looked at each other with huge question marks on our faces and then of course busted out in laughter. We certainly need to get this on film.


Thor said...

Hi Ollie!
Great pictures! I hope you have a great weekend!


happy said...

Hi Ollie! I love the picture of you sleeping! You look so adorable!

LS said I have all the symptoms of an only child, err I mean only dog.

happy said...

Hello Ollie! I've tagged you for a game!