Oliver went into the vet a couple of months ago because his ear infection has come back. It was kinda routine because all we really needed were antibiotics for the infection. While we were there, Oliver was weighed and to our surprise he has gained way too much!
When I first brought him home he was a skinny 65 pounds of fur. Now he's at his top weight of 100 pounds! Holy cow!
The doctor suggested the normal diet and exercise and to really watch his intake of food. Especially treats! We went home with the mentality that Ollie needed to go on a diet and exercise plan.
Doc started off cutting back his food amount. So Oliver went from four cups a day to three. A cup and half in the AM and same at night. What a mistake that was! Though Oliver started to loose some weight, he picked up a BAD habit!
One afternoon when Doc let him outside to do his business, doc found Oliver eating his own poo! So he was rubbing himself on it, instead he was eating it! We were horrified!
We figured out it was the cut back on food and that Ollie was just plain hungry. Obviously hungry enough to eat his food.....again! We've gone back to the regular schedule, but have added a little more exercising on our end. We've also leashed him when he does his business just in case he decided to go back to that habit.
No pictures were taken since I'm sure everyone can just imagine.


GoldenSamantha said...

OMD! I like to do that too, but mom and dad are making sure to pick it up every time - darn!!! About a year ago, I weighed about 75 pounds - weigh(teehee) too much. So mom fed me about 3/4 cup of my kibble and 1/3 cup of frozen peas and carrots and I got down to a trim 64 pounds! yahoo! Addie and Lucie are having a biggest loser thing at their place which is really pawsome! Check it out!
Good luck!
Hugs and Loves,
xo Sammie

Mika said...

Happy mommy's day!

happy said...

I've put on a bit of weight too...hee...guess we can safely blame the humans for that hehe