Shame on you!

Oliver has been very sneaky. Since I'm home with the baby, there has been a confusion to who feeds Ollie in the AM and PM.
Usually it's my husband, but when he leaves really early, sometimes he doesn't get a chance to feed him. And Oliver has this internal clock that knows EXACTLY when it's 7AM or 7PM. It's actually quite amusing. He would usually come up to us, grunt then lead us to his bowl, or sit right by his bowl, grunts and sighs to let us know it's time to feed him. Since we've made a mistake and have fed him twice (once by each of us)we devised a plan on our board to indicate if Ollie's been fed. It only works when we BOTH participate.
Lately, I've just asked my husband if he's fed him because when I go out there and I'm not sure, usually I'll take Ollie's cues. Well, he has us trained so that every time he grunts or sighs around his bowl we think he needs to be fed. Tricky tricky!
He's tricked both of us several times and gets fed twice as much! No wonder this dog isn't losing weight! Oh Oliver! Shame on you!


GoldenSamantha said...

Hi Ollie! Oh man, if I could trick my pawrents like that, believe me, I'd do it. I even sneak the cat's food by counter surfing if mom or dad leave the kitchen hehe! Anything for a little bite of something! Good fur you!
Hugs xo

happy said...

Hey Ollie, you have got to teach me how to do that!

☮momoKo said...

Merry Merry Christmas ! And Happy Happy New Year !