Oliver Stanley giving me the tongue.
Ollie is chewing up his toys. I know it's a great stimulator for the pooches to chew on things, but since his first toy Mr. Cow, he's gone through a bunch of other toys. I mean, at least two dozen toys that had to be thrown out because they were chewed up. His favorites are the soft squeaky animals or soft rubber toys. He chews those up in a flash. We introduced the Kong to him, but he's not too interested. He's a fan of the ropes. Which we find remnants of all over the house. And of course the tennis ball. He LOVES tennis balls. So here are the two issues we are facing right now.
1. Chews up 99% of the toys given to him. We have yet to find a indestructible toy. We bought the following toy, pictured below. It claims that it's rated at a 9 of being a really tough toy. It lasted a whol 10 minutes till Oliver ripped it a new one and pulled all the stuffing out of it.
2. After CC's suggestions, we still CAN'T get him to give up his toy (especially tennis balls) from his mouth. Unless we are literally holding a piece of chicken in our hands, this dog holds on for dear life! I'll be online checking out some new tricks to get him to give it up.


cc said...

Have you tried pretending to take no interest in playing with him until he drops the ball? Like.. walk away from him and see if he drops the ball or toy? My friend got a dog down south, and I'm apparently the co-owner of the dog. He was trained a little, but he would drop the ball, then when you reach for the ball, he'd pick it up again. So far, the not taking interest in tossing the ball for him to catch is working. Hopefully it'll work for Ollie. *crosses fingers* Each dog learns differently, maybe this method will work?

Are you allowed to give Ollie raw hide chews? That satisfied the obsession with chewing for the dogs I dog sat. Is Ollie still on the special food and carrot diet for allergies? Maybe he needs some motivation for the Kong? Treats? Peanut butter? Squirrel? Cat? =P

Penny said...

Ollie is still on the allergy diet for another two months. So the treats are very limited. No protein of any type till they figure out what the allergies are. At the moment, ropes and tennis balls are his obsession.