No Greasy Chicken for Ollie.

This weekend I visited my friend Sarah and her family.
Knowing her husband Matt was a big fan of dogs and hoping the kids would get a kick out of him, I decided to make an appearance with Oliver.
Here we are in the back yard with Alexandra and Cameron. It was a warm Saturday so the kids decided to head out back with swim gear and make a splash in the pool. The day was going great.
Oliver was such a trooper while the kids decided to squirt him with the water guns over and over again. The grown ups decided to have lunch in the house while the kids and Ollie played in the back yard. After the third time of Cameron asking for a piece of chicken, Sarah questioned why he would want a third piece?! for a small kid, three pieces of fried chicken usually results to a big tummy ache afterwards. So Matt asks if they are giving the chicken to the dog and low and behold. The kids were feeding Oliver drumsticks of fried chicken. I don't know how many the dog ate but it was enough to make anyone sick.
Not thinking too much of it, I left the house later that day and took Ollie home to rest. Later that night, David and I went to bed as usual till EARLY Sunday morning.

Oliver isn't a barker at home. So it hard to know when he needs to go outside because he just walks to the door. I need to teach him a trick to let us know he needs to go outside. Because poor Ollie couldn't hold it any longer. He had several poo accidents on the kitchen floor through out the night. At 3:30am David woke up to the smell of the diarrhea mess and a very sorrowful dog with his tail between his legs. David is a light sleeper, so he ended up cleaning the mess with a mop at 3:30 in the morning. I woke up a half hour later to all the racket being made. I go out to the kitchen still sleepy asking what is wrong? "Your dog was running for the border."
Awww Poor Ollie! I felt so bad for him. So for the entire morning, I stayed up with Oliver while he puked and had gassy diarrhea every half hour. So since we didn't have a doggy door, I stayed up to let him out and clean up any puke that he barfed up. His stomach started settling down later that morning and he was on a strict diet of water and bland food. Of course the endless belly rubs made things all better. That greasy chicken went through him like a hot knife in butter.


cc said...

Poor Oliver. I hope he feels better.

Mika said...

You might want to talk to this shiba inu owner to see how they trained their dogs to ring the bell when they want to go outside: http://chibiandsumo.blogspot.com/2008/02/and-sometimes-i-is-smart.html