New Roomie

Ollie's got a new friend staying with us for three weeks. My friend, Shannon is in the middle of moving to another state and needed us to pet sit for their 7 year old German Shepard mix. Cosmo is such a doll. He's really docile and submissive and really easy to care for. Maybe the fact that he's older and has "been there, Done that" kind of attitude, he's more interested in sleeping than playing too much.
Ollie on the other hand wasn't too happy with sharing his mom and dad with a brother from another mother. I've never had two 70 pound dogs in my home before so it's been interesting to get adjusted to. Ollie has certainly displayed territorial traits that I'm not to proud to report. Along with the marking of territory in our back yard, he will physically try to get in between Cosmo and I. When I go to greet Cosmo and give him a belly rub, Ollie would squeeze right in between us and gesture my hand to pet him instead. On several occasions he's tried to mount Cosmo when they are playing outside just to show "this is my house!" attitude.
I'm finding that I have to feed them separately because Ollie will inhale his food and attack Cosmo's bowl right away. Poor Cosmo just walks away and lets Ollie bully him out of the kitchen. So I've learn that one dog eats inside and the other dog gets a picnic outside.
The first night was the toughest. Cosmo came to stay with us and brought his own bed to sleep in. Cosmo decides he like's Ollie's bed better. Though Cosmo sleeps in the living room and Ollie sleeps in our bedroom. Ollie decides that he must walk the grounds to make sure Cosmo was in his place. All night long, all i can hear was the scratching of dog paws trotting back and forth down the hallway. Being a light sleeper didn't help either. "GO TO BED OLIVER!" I finally screamed since I was fed up with the Ollie's new nocturnal activities.
Finally the second night was a lot better since I moved both their beds into the hallway for Ollie to keep an eye on everyone. Some of my friends have said that two dogs are easier than one. They've never lived with my Ollie.


cc said...

Ollie is innocent! (says his face.)

Momoko said...

So many men, so many minds.Then so many dogs, so many minds.