Homeward Bound Golden Rescue

When Doc and I came across the idea of adding to our family, we had our four legged friend in mind. I researched online what kind of dog would be best for our little family and I came across the ever famous Golden Retriever. We were looking for a dog with similar energy level, house trained, good with little people, good watch dog, and furry companion. This search also lead me to the best adoption/rescue center ever! Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue is located just 30 mins north of Elk Grove in Sacramento. I quickly put in my application and crossed my fingers. Several months later I get a call from Ms Karen. After a home visit and some patience, she came through with finding us our Dog. Ms. Karen invited us up to the Sanctuary to visit a dog that was just brought in from Bakersfield. They called him "Chandler". On March 1, 2008 we headed up to pay a visit to Chandler and possibly any other dogs that would be a good match. The drive was about 2.5 hours from our home. I picked up my nephew to bring him along as a "kid" test for the dogs and of course a fun trip for Tyler as well. When we got there, Chandler was brought out. What a vision! Not only was he beautiful, but his eyes we captivating with a longing look that screamed "Take me home!" He caused such a ruckus and excitement, I looked over at Doc and said, "Uh oh, What did we get into?' Doc grabbed a hold of the leash and off we went to the field to "test drive" Chandler. Without a leash to connect with and a whole field to run around, Chandler took off like a six year old after too many CoCo Puffs. We called out his name, we tried to play ball, we even tried to walk with him on a leash. Chandler even managed to plop himself in a tub of water and get himself and our gang all soaked. It was close to impossible to get a hold of him, so immediately we decide to look at another dog. We met one other golden and one golden mix. Not feeling the connection with the last two, I convinced Doc that Chandler is the one for us and the chance needs to be taken. After some instructions from Ms. Jody, We were told that Chandler needs to stay for another week to get his ears cleaned, and his neutering wound to heal. We were also instructed to pick out a new name since "Chandler" was just given to him when he arrived to the Sanctuary less than a week ago. With excitement and nervousness, we drove home with the hope that Chandler is our little angel. Stay tuned for the Pick up day! Many thanks to all the wonderful volunteers at Homeward Bound and especially with Ms. Karen. Her kindness, understanding and patience lead us to our faithful companion.

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