The house next door has three little dogs that love to bark at Oliver. Actually they are small dogs, so it's more like a yipe. The pitches are high and frequent, so when ever Ollie goes out back to do his business, they smell him and start the yapping. The owners do nothing to discipline the dogs, so they are left barking up a storm. We hate to fuel the noise ordinance, but we don't feel like we are to blame. Especially since Oliver doesn't bark back at them.
Till today.
He went out to do his business and as they were barking up a storm. Feeling fed up with all the noise these guys were making, Oliver headed over to the fence area and gave a loud ferocious WOOF! Two seconds later, even the crickets were silent! It was actually quite funny!
Though Oliver remains quite when he's out back, the house next door remains loud and obnoxious. Three little ones yelping non stop into the night would drive anyone crazy. Luckily our double pane windows help. David does love it when we take Ollie out first thing in the morning to pee, and our neighbors get woken up by their own yappy dogs.
Good Dog Ollie. Good Dog.

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