New Friend

While walking Oliver this morning to our near by park, we came across a little dog named "Goose". The owner explained, "Like in Silly Goose!" Gotcha! After their initial "doggy" hand shake, also known as the butt sniffs, their tails were a wagging! Ollie really liked Goose! He wanted to play with her! Goose's owner said that Goose just lost her partner in crime. And seemed to be having a hard time adjusting to other dogs. Well, hopefully Ollie will break her out of that and they can start to bond. Goose's owner invited us out to the dog park at Shoreline. Hopefully we'll be able to make the play date!

David did inform me that on a walk they did last night, Oliver came across two statues of ceramic lions in the front driveway of a nighborhood home. Feeling very unsure, Oliver was on full guard of these two statues! I wonder what he was thinking?! I'll have to get some pictures to post.

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