Kennel Cough

Ollie has Kennel Cough. He's been retching for the past three days. Though his energy is fine and he's eating all his food, he has this awful cough that seems bothersome. from what I've read, I will let this cough take it's course. He's got an appointment to see the Vet next week, so hopefully he will be done with this.
Other than a little cough, Ollie has been great. He's learning to walk very well on a leash. I've found that he LOVES to play fetch. It would be a perfect world if he could chase after a ball all day long. I just need to figure out how to get him to release the ball once he retrieves it.

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CC said...

Lots of patience and teaching the dog with *hold hand out and lightly grab the ball* if Ollie tugs back at the ball, say "I don't want to play" and pull both hands up in the air (like surrendering) and shake your head no. When he does let go when you touch the ball, praise him (and maybe give him a doggy treat). That's what my friend does when her dog won't get go of the toy.
With my friend's dog, I hold out my hand and say "drop the (toy)" and when she drops the toy in my hand, I praise her. If not, I just say "where's your toy?" and the dog nudges it. Then I say "bring it here" and after a while, she gets the idea that I won't throw it unless it's closer to me. This dog usually drops the toy about 3 feet away from you, just out of reach. Having treats around really helps with training. Dogs will do almost anything for a treat. =)